Foil Paper

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You can find just about every hookah component with the Starbuzz branding, and now you can save a step in your bowl loading process with this pre-cut aluminum foil. This premium grade aluminum foil holds up very well against the high heat of coals, and it only requires one sheet per bowl. You have the option of a standard foil that contains no holes, but if you want to skip a step the pre-punched foil will be your best friend. The Starbuzz foil measures out to 5 1/2 inches in diameter, which will work with almost every bowl on the market.

Shisha World also has the very best Zanobia foil. Zanobia foils are thicker, stronger and are a premium selection of foils versus standard household foil allowing for a better distribution of the heat and the ultimate hookah experience.

Whether you choose Starbuzz Premium Hookah foils, Zanobia Hookah Foils, Coco Urth Foils or Alataa Hookah foil, you can be confident that you’re getting the best Hookah Foil. Our stringent attention to product quality means that you can be guaranteed of the very best quality on all of our products across varying brands. Starbuzz Premium Hookah Foil & Zanobia Hookah Foil are the most popular Hookah Foil selections due to their brand names, however other brands are equally as good.

Shisha World has the very best selection of Hookah Foils in Canada with the lowest prices and offers Canada-wide shipping.