Coconut Charcoal

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Coconut Charcoals are made of 100% pressed natural coconut, with no filler items. Shisha World offers a wide selection of the best, popular and the fast-selling coconut charcoals.

Coconut Charcoals may take a while to ignite, however they burn for an uninterrupted 45-60 mins, unlike quick lights which are easier to light, however last for a fraction of the time you’d get with coconut charcoals.

Shisha World has the leading hookah brands with the widest varieties at the most competitive prices, delivers Canada-wide and has the fastest shipping times.

As an exclusive distributor in Canada for Hookah John, Starbuzz and Coco Urth, Shisha World has the largest selection of coconut charcoals in Canada at the best prices. We are Canada’s leading hookah retailers and distributors.