Aeon Hookah

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Aeon Hookahs are a premium hookah lineup manufactured in Germany with extremely high quality and high durability. It is made of V2A stainless steel, and every component in the Aeon Hookah are under  stringent quality controls.

The Edition 4 – Lounge is specially designed for use in shisha bars. Few components, a simple design but a modern simple design with a beautiful blow-off valve (as in the other Edition 4 variants) ensure that the Edition 4 – Lounge is a real eye-catcher in every Shisha Lounge.

Shisha enthusiasts swear by the Aeon Hookahs. They are simply one of the best premium hookahs and are perfect for the first time amateur buyer, or if you are looking to add a hookah to your collection. Aeon Hookahs strong brand name and remarkable products have caused the Aeon Hookahs the most envied and sought after hookah lineup. Aeon Hookahs have an ‘exclusive’ feel and offer a seamless smoking experience. The Aeon Hookahs are sturdy, last for a long time, fit for the everyday smoker, stylish and have a sophisticated design.

Aeon Hookahs are a premium lineup that will totally elevate your hookah session.

When you purchase an AEON hookah, you can be sure that you are purchasing a premium product, with some of the highest workmanship and durability.

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