Al Fakher Glass Hookah

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Al Fakher Hookah is a highly coveted hookah made in the United Arab Emirates. Al Fakher is widely known as one of the best hookah manufacturers, and their hookahs have proved to be popular, well-known and recognized as some of the best hookahs out there with a strong brand name backing the product.

This unique hookah is made of 100% glass! Standing at 13 inches tall this hookah pipe makes both a great decoration piece and a superbly-smoking mini hookah

Al Fakher Hookahs offer the bang for your buck – these hookahs are the greatest hookahs for their price-point. The hookahs are competitively priced and offer great quality and design.

Al Fakher Hookahs are intricately designed to offer modern elegance and style. They’re highly envied upon due to their simple yet classic and elegant designs, and their unparalleled hookah smoking experience. For their price-point, they are one of the best hookahs.

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